PA WORKWEAR of Mercer County

The mission of Prince of Peace Center to provide a hand up to people in need in our community is expressed clearly through our partnership with the PA WORKWEAR program. Similar in nature and goal to a “Dress for Success” effort, clients are referred to PA WORKWEAR through other employment services such as CareerLink, Community Action, and the welfare office.

Once he or she obtains a referral and schedules an appointment with the PA WORKWEAR coordinator, the client arrives at the center to view an informational video on job interviewing and professional self-presentation, and is “suited” – provided with the proper attire for a job interview. If the client is successful in obtaining employment, he or she may return to the Center for up to five (5) “work outfits”, which can be anything from dress pants to hospital scrubs, depending on the job.

PA WORKWEAR began in 2008 and it has been a fulfilling effort to maintain and promote the benefits of providing appropriate clothing and interview skills, a specific need, in order to further our mission of support toward self-sufficiency and finding a greater sense of one’s own worth.

In 2014, a total of 102 clients received referrals to the PA WORKWEAR program. In order to be eligible for a referral, an individual must have an open case at the welfare office and be receiving cash assistance. We spent $7,171.69 on our PA WORKWEAR clients this year, which is a decrease of $2,490.00 from 2012, in line with our decrease in referrals.

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