Emergency Services

Emergency Assistance

A crucial component of living and working our mission at Prince of Peace Center, the Emergency Services program provides assistance with rent payments, utility bills, furniture, food, medical payments, and other needs to men and women in our community. This program began in 1993, and has since expanded to include an educational, empowering component in addition to emergency funds. In order to receive support from Emergency Assistance, a potential client must call to schedule an appointment with our EA Case Manager.

In addition to our standard Emergency Services opportunities, clients may be eligible for financial assistance with rent or utilities through a grant from the Shenango Valley Foundation. Potential applicants must be single, working mothers with custody of their minor children; if you are in need of a financial hand up and believe you fit these criteria, please fill out and send in our SVF Application.

In 2016, 660 individuals scheduled appointments with our EA case manager to discuss assistance; 160 of those clients were referred to our AWESOME program.


AWESOME (Assistance With Education, Shelter, Organization, Money management, and Employment) offers classes to individuals who are ready and willing to take the next step in self-sufficiency. The AWESOME program classes cover topics such as proper nutrition, informed decision making, and financial planning. Each class comprises four weekly sessions, plus one make-up opportunity, and a typical month contains two separate sessions.

Funding for AWESOME branches from the Emergency Assistance program; a successful AWESOME participant is eligible to receive a stipend of $125 to be put toward an outstanding bill or payment of his or her choice. Class participants are not required to use that stipend right away. Each individual may attend up to two (2) regular AWESOME class sessions, for a total potential stipend award of $250.

Those wishing for further opportunity to pursue self-improvement may be able to participate in classes focusing on taking responsibility or on the impact of victimization. These classes are most often facilitated by other Center staff members. Another option for potential AWESOME students is our associated computer class. Instead of a stipend, computer class graduates receive a free refurbished computer, monitor, and keyboard (as needed).

In 2016, $35,148.22 (53%) of our Emergency Assistance funding was awarded to successful AWESOME session participants. We celebrate all individuals that choose to improve their lives!

Our Emergency Services Application is now available.

AWESOME Program brochure
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