Board of Directors

As an affiliate of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Erie, Prince of Peace Center’s incorporation structure initiates with organizational direction provided by a group of “Members” comprising of the sitting Bishop of Erie, his Chancellor and Vicar General, the Executive Director of Catholic Charities, and the current / elected Board President of Prince of Peace Center. The Center’s Executive Director meets formally with this group twice per year to review operations and examine proposed changes, financial or programmatic concerns, and so on.

Board of Directors


Lisa Demas Dach
 Sunbelt Transformer

Vice President

Anthony Paglia
Self -Employed, Communications Consultant


Margaret Orchard 


Joseph Walsh
O’Neill Coffee Company


Russell Adkins
Ekker, Kuster, McCall & Espstein, LLP
Ann Badach
Diocese of Erie
Dan Boller
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Patrick Chovan
Omega Incorporated
Ben Gibbs, Jr.
Self employed, BF Gibbs
John Matune
Matune Basile Advisors
Fatimata Pale
Thiel College
Susan Piccirilli
Dana Scott
JMC Steel Group, Sharon Tube Division
Maryann Weiner
The Pain Center of Western Pennsylvania
Natalie Wenger
Institutional Care Pharmacy
Joe Flecher
POPC Executive Director

About the Board of Directors

The President of the Center’s Board of Directors is supported by several other officers in leadership roles who are also elected from the larger Board group. This Executive Committee meets with the Executive Director six times per year.

In addition to insuring fiscal transparency and accountability, our full Board of Directors provides programmatic oversight and strategic direction to Prince of Peace Center. In addition to formal meetings of this entire Board six times per year, the leadership also utilizes smaller committees including Finance, Development, Nominating and Public Relations to more closely address specific needs as they may arise. All Board members assist in the implementation of the several fundraising activities held to benefit the Center each year.

Board members commit to serve 3-year terms – with a maximum allowable service of three consecutive terms (9 years) after which a Board Member must vacate the Board for a minimum of one year’s time.

To most effectively serve the Center, prospective Board members are identified from within the larger community, and represent varying roles from fields such as medicine, manufacturing, banking and social services. Other representative roles include those from faith groups and the community of locals who are served daily.

Each September, the Nominating Committee meets to determine any Board members who will be rotating from the Board at the end of December, and begins the process to solicit candidate nominations from the larger Board membership for potential replacements. Only after the candidate field is narrowed, and then formally approved by both the Membership in Erie as well as the full Board of the Center, will a candidate be formally elected as a Board member. An Orientation session is offered for new members in the following January.

A person interested in serving as a Board member may want to first volunteer in some capacity at the Center to become more familiar with our daily activities – and/or to convey interest to any sitting Board member.

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